Wetland Classification and Mapping of the Kenai Lowland, Alaska



Map Unit Descriptions



Ecosystem: Discharge Slope


Map Unit: SSC; SCS



SSC: 27 wetland polygons; 183.1 ha; 0.13% of wetland area; 0.16% of wetland polygons.

SCS: 20 wetland polygons; 107.3 ha; 0.08% of wetland area; 0.12% of wetland polygons.

An SSC wetland near the Village of Nikolaevsk (polygon 7171). 

An SCS wetland in the Caribou Hills along the North Fork of Deep Creek (polygon 26624).

Wetland Indicators

Type: Mineral or Peat

Average depth to water table:

SS: 31.1 cm; n=13

SC: 54.8 cm; n=5

Organic layer thickness:

SS: 44.5 cm; n=15

SC: 39.1 cm; n=7

Average depth to redoximorphic features:

SS: 26.1 cm; n=7

SC: 17.2 cm; n=6

Common Soils: 



Common Plant communities:

SS component:

Barclay's willow / Rich

Barclay's willow / Bluejoint - Field horsetail

Barclay's willow / Bluejoint / Marsh fivefinger

Tealeaf willow / Crowberry


SC component:

Bluejoint - Field horsetail

Bluejoint streamside

Barclay's willow / Rich

Accuracy assessment: 1 polygon interpreted as SSC on aerial photographs was field checked.  It remained SSC.

1 polygon interpreted as SCS on aerial photographs was field checked.  It was revised to SSL.


SSC wetlands are where willow, usually Barclay's willow (Salix barclayi), dominates a discharge slope with nearly pure patches of bluejoint grass (Calamagrostis canadensis).  Where bluejoint dominates with patches of willow, the wetland is named SCS.  Bluejoint often occurs on well-drained south-facing slopes, but can also indicate the regulatory criteria outlined in the 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual are met.  Typically, the presence of field horsetail (Equisetum arvense) or marsh horsetail (E. palustre) indicates wetland conditions, and fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) indicates upland.  These wetlands are uncommon, found mostly at the base of the bluffs along the north shore of Kachemak Bay and at higher elevations in the Caribou Hills.

In Homer, the name SCSd refers to a wetland that was SCS but is now disturbed.

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