Cook Inlet Wetland Mapping


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All of Cook Inlet Lowlands

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12 December 2013; 83 Mb zipped with ArcGIS 10.1, 10.0 and 9.3 layer files, GoogleEarth .kmz file, ReadMe, and metadata. Shapefile table includes links to pictures and descriptions.

Google Earth .kmz

(12 December 2013: 46 Mb)

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Polygons outlined in red have photos linked-to by clicking

Wetland Mapping Boundaries:

(5 Dec 2011; 330 Kb)

Includes Kenai Lowlands, Seward, Kenai Mountains, and all Cook Inlet mapping boundary files in State Plane NAD 1983

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5.1 Mb .pdf; 25 February 2013; 600 dpi, 36" x 48"

Includes box plots of pH, specific conductance and Plant Prevalence Index by map component, a description of peat profiles from the Kenai and Mat-Su Valley explaining why bogs are difficult to identify on the Kenai, and more idealized cross-sections of plant occurrence in each geomorphic component of the Cook Inlet Classification.

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Thumbnail of wetlands and climate mapping sheet


MatSU Functional Assessment

A landscape level functional assessment methodology, first edition.

Download report (2.4 Mb .pdf, 2 October 2014)

Click on map figures in document to link to higher-resolution images.

Cover of Mat Su Functional Assessment Report

"MatSu Valley Wetland Ecosystems"


28.5 Mb .pdf from 600 dpi ArcView .eps export).

Updated 4 February 2011

Posterof MatSuWetlandsWithZEcosystemDescriptions

2007 Alaska Regional Supplement (V2.0)

3 mb .pdf of the Alaska regional supplement to the 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual

1987 Wetland Delineation Manual

Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation manual, 1.5 mb .pdf

Alaska Hydric Soil Field Indicators

2005 final version of Alaska Field Indicators of Hydric Soils

4Mb .pdf

Homer Wetland Complexes and Strategies Poster


2.4 Mb .pdf Updated 29 December 2013 to include Quiet Creek

2012 Alaska Wetland Plant Indicator status

202kb .xls file. 6 February 2013

Official list:

Updated to include some taxa that were missing from the official site (February 2013). Also includes some additional symbols that tie commonly used subspecies to species used for delineation purposes. For example the symbol: ALINT (Alnus incana ssp tenuifolia) will link to ALIN2 (Alnus incana). List includes USDA PLANTS symbol, scientific name, author, common name, and indicator status for Alaska. For the four taxon that are regionalized for south central (Interior Alaska Lowlands) those statuses were used (ANPO is listed as OBL, BEPA as FAC, CACA11 as FAC, and RUAR6 as FACU).

KBay skiing map

(729 tiles, 2m resolution, 98.7 Mb .kmz, 28 Feb 2014)

screen shot of ski map

For XC-skiing in the Kachemak Bay area. GoogleEarth format for use with your GPS/phone. Baycrest, Lookout, McNeil. Matthews Hill, North Fork Hills, Powerline. USGS topo plus detailed shaded relief from 4 ft. LiDAR



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